How to Select The Best Engagement Rings Online?

April 25, 2018 - Buying Guide, Engagement Rings
How to Select The Best Engagement Rings Online?

It is a dream for every woman to own a unique diamond ring. One can buy best engagement rings online for the better half. But, there are certain ways to make sure that the ring which is chosen is perfect. There is a need to know what shape of diamond should be chosen and what should be the diamond’s cut.

While buying the best engagement rings online, make sure that these points are followed.


It is important to understand the colour, cut, clarity and carat of the diamond which has been selected. It is also a global standard through which a diamond is assessed. And hence, you can easily compare one diamond with another. The diamond which has less colour are very rare to be found. A diamond’s cut also determines how much lights are reflected through its surface. A diamond should be free from any blemish and should be clearer, and the weight of the diamond should be correct according to its size which determines the carat of that particular piece. It is important that whenever a diamond ring is bought, these are the first four things that should be checked. Hence, it eliminates first few doubts about the perfect ring.

Then, once the doubts about carat, colour, clarity and cut are over, one should always be sure about the diamond’s shape. Most of the people, while buying the diamond ring look for something very fancy. Most of the time, people prefer round shape. But there are also other fancy shapes available such as pear, oval, heart, rectangle and marquise. Also look for the cutting style. The quality of the cut is good when the interaction between the light and the surface of the diamond is good. This also makes the diamond look beautiful. A diamond has 57 to 58 facets when the cut is amazing but it is usually for the round shaped diamonds. There are other styles also in which the diamond is cut. One is emerald and the other one is radiant. Both the cuts are used for rectangle and square shaped diamond to give it a brilliant style.

Metal bands:

The look of an engagement ring also depends upon the type of metal band that has been used. There are several types of metals that are used for the engagement ring’s band. White gold, platinum, rose gold are some of the popular choices for the metal bands by the brides- to be.

Platinum, when used as a metal band, gives an elegant look to the ring. It is also durable and resistant to corrosion.

Gold has been used as a metal band for a very long time. The elegance, beauty and the colour gives an enchanting look to the engagement ring. There are several other ranges of golds that are used for the band of the engagement ring. One is rose gold.

Rose gold is the mixture of gold with copper and silver. It gives an enchanting look to the ring and is very popular among the couples.

White gold is the mixture of normal gold with other white metals such as silver. It gives a beautiful look to the ring.

Sterling Silver is often used but it is rare among the engagement rings. It is soft and durable.

Diamond’s setting:

Settings usually focus on protecting the diamond from any damage and simultaneously highlight the beauty. There are different types of settings:

Prong Brazel Halo

Side Stones:

Side stones are picked to increase the beauty of the ring. One can use any type of stone to be fixed at the sides to increase the beauty and make it enchanting.

Similarly, it is also important to check the reflecting capacity of the diamond under the different types of lighting conditions. Natural lights, mixed environment lights, dim lights are usually preferred to check the reflection of the diamond surface.

And in the end, the best ring to choose is the one that suits the personality of the bride to be. It is good to discuss the type of ring one prefers. Also, it is important sometimes, which has been considered to be useful is to go for engagement ring shopping together. That way a person can select the perfect ring for the better half without any second option.