The Magic of Diamonds – Best Online Diamonds Buying Guide

April 25, 2018 - Buying Guide, Diamonds
The Magic of Diamonds – Best Online Diamonds Buying Guide

There are some steps that you should always consider if you want to buy the best diamonds online. There are seven main things that you need to consider for you to get a good deal and best diamonds online that are worth your money. These considerations are what professional diamond dealers make when they are grading diamonds as well as establishing their prices.

Below are the things you should figure out if you need to buy the best diamonds online, and how to use them as professionals do when grading. They will significantly help you to choose the best diamonds online which match your specific needs.


The cut should not at any time be confused with the shape itself. In the diamond world, the cut is used to differentiate the reflective qualities. There are about six different types of cut, which are poor, good, fair, very good, premium, and ideal. The diamonds level of quality is determined by how much light is reflected back towards the metal’s eye. well-cut diamonds must be proportional, polished, and symmetrical in their cut. The cut should not be too deep because it may make diamonds lose the light hence making them look darker and dull.


The clarity concerns about the flaws that are found in diamonds. These flaws occur during the formation process, and they can result in problems with the shape and cut of the diamonds. An experienced diamond cutter cuts and polishes to take care of the inclusions. The grades range from internally flawless which are pure diamonds to impurity visible to the naked eye. The less prominent they are, the higher quality the diamonds, with the perfect stone being entirely clear. You don’t want a rock with inclusions which you can observe with your naked eyes.


The most expensive diamonds are colorless. Their characteristic allows maximum reflection of light through them. The whiter the diamond, the higher the ability to absorb light and as a result, they emit a more prominent glow which makes them more valuable. Their color scale characterizes white diamonds which ranges from D which is colorless to Z which is light yellow. From D to F are the most valuable, but the color graded from G to I is cannot be differentiated with the naked eye.From J to M, they contain a faint yellow color which increases as you move from M to Z. As the colored diamonds continue to grow in popularity, more individuals are going for colored diamonds. If you prefer colorless ones, you might get a significant bargain on best diamonds online which have are beautifully cut.


Diamonds are priced according to their weight.One carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Upon considering all the other specifications, its value is determined and also multiplied by the number of the carat. Large diamonds are rare and expensive than small sized diamonds.

However, this weight is not the most significant characteristic in determining the value of the diamond. The cut is much more critical. Thus, for you to get the best diamonds online, you should first look for those with an excellent cut, if you like their color and have an acceptable clarity, then you have already found your engagement diamonds.


You must also look at the shape of diamonds which is different from the cut. Every diamond is extracted with a unique set of features. The individual who cuts them must decide on the shape of this stone. The most famous, and costly form is the round brilliant. Cuts are graded either good, very good, medium, or poor.

If your stone is cut into a fancy shape, you should look at it from the side and the top. The halves should perfectly match, else the cutter might have decided to sacrifice symmetry and save weight. If they are cut in a fancy shape for example heart, marquise, or pear, they will have sharp pointed ends. Check to ensure that it has blunt points, to endure the wear.

The Grading Report

When considering to buy diamonds, you should ensure that you have a look at the grading report. The report will be diamond’s full-scale evaluation that will guarantee you that it possess the stated qualities. The grading report is always be undertaken with the help of a professional who uses the right gemological instruments. The report is sometimes known as the certificate, and it is probably the most critical aspect to consider for you to find the best diamonds online to buy.

The cost

As a customer, you don’t have to get the highest quality diamond for you to get something that is of equal beauty. Their price will always vary depending on the level of their quality in the market, the area of manufacture and also the source of the diamonds. You should not forget that you are looking for something that has a high value, which can be inherited from a generation to another.

Regardless of above characteristics, the best diamonds from an online platform entirely depends on your taste. You should visit which gives you the guidelines to help you make the right choice for the best diamonds online after understand their pricing.