Tips to Purchase the Best Jewelry Worth Your Money

April 25, 2018 - Buying Guide, Jewelry
Tips to Purchase the Best Jewelry Worth Your Money

There is nothing that feels good like purchasing the right piece of jewelry. That type of jewelry that you have always admired. The experience of purchasing a jewelry be it gold, diamond, sapphire, pearls and so on can be hectic and a huge disappointment if you are not well informed about what you want to buy. It is always advisable that when you are going to buy a jewelry, ensure that you are fully enlightened on everything you need to know. If you plan to buy a jewelry soon as your gift or for someone else, this article is yours because it will guide you into having a successful purchase of jewelry.

If you want to purchase a piece, research about it as much as possible and ensure you know exactly what you are looking for. Search for the best jewelry online, and with the details you, get you will be able to purchase wisely. Say if you are buying a piece of gold, make sure you know the different purity standards and choose that which works for you.

Purity is measured in terms of Karats. 24karats means the gold is 100% pure, 18karats means it is 75% pure and so on. Depending on how often your gold jewelry will be worn, you can decide which level of purity you want. The higher the purity of gold the higher it is prone to damage. If you intend to wear your gold ring or necklace on a daily basis, a lower level of purity will be appropriate. When purchasing gold jewelry, 18K purity is recommended because of its fair price and durability.

Since the business of selling jewelry is a successful entity to run, people are indulging in it in masses, hence a lot of scam in the market. People selling jewelry that is not original. Do further research on best jewelry online, to know the renown and reputable jewelry dealers. You can also request for their documents of being legit jewelry dealers to ensure you will not be fooled by buying a wrong product and losing your money at the same time.

Most of colored stones are not original. Most of them are treated, hence be very careful when purchasing colored items. That does not mean that there are no pure colored jewelries. You can get colored pearls but they are rare. If the seller says they are original, ask for a document to verify they are original. However, documents can be faked. Therefore, check the jewelry against the information offered about it on the document and compare. Also, confirm the document with the issuing agency to ensure it is legit.

When buying diamond stone, don’t check it against sunlight. It will always shine and you won’t be able to differentiate between a fake or coated diamond, and a pure piece. If the seller insists on checking it against sunlight, don’t buy from him/her. You can also take the piece to an independent expert to check it for you, to make sure the piece is worth your money. Also avoid buying the piece the first time you go to a shop. Compare different dealers and pick the most appropriate for you.

When buying expensive pieces, ask for a warranty in case of damage, and ask if they offer a return policy. After taking the piece to an independent expert, you might find out that it is not worth the money you paid. Before buying a piece, search for dealers with refundable policies and know whether it will be full refunding, because you might end up losing your money and acquire a low-quality jewelry.

When buying a piece, insist on checking it before buying it. For gold, check for the markings of purity. It might be denoted as 18K or 14K. 14K maybe represented as 585 which means the gold is 58.5 pure. Before inspecting a diamond piece request, it to be cleaned, and use a loupe, which is a type of a magnifying glass to ensure you don’t miss any detail. If the stone you want to purchase is big, you should access it when it has been pulled away and loosed. Take your time checking it because you might miss the hidden flaws.